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Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is more common than some people may think, especially in the entertainment industry. It seems like celebrities are constantly getting plastic surgery for one reason or another. As a matter of fact, it is almost like an unwritten rule. Sometimes, there are celebrities that are able to pass for not having had plastic surgery. Other times, people call out celebrities on the plastic surgery that they have done. One of those celebrities that people call out is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof.

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Adrienne from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had plastic surgery?

Adrienne comes from a very wealth family; as well, she was actually married to a plastic surgeon at one point in her life. This sounds like the perfection combination; she has the money and the person to perform the surgery. There has been a photo from Adrienne’s teenage years that has been floating around on the internet. It has even appeared in print media. When you compare Adrienne’s pictures from her teenage years and pictures from the present, there are some things that do not match up.

What cosmetic procedures did she have done to herself?

Adrienne Maloof 6Her nose does not look the same in photos from her teenage years. The photos from her teenage years show that she had a large nose. However, photos of her now show that she has a thin nose. What can explain such a drastic change in the appearance of her nose? Some people believe that she may have had even more plastic surgery done to her face, such as a face lift and chin augmentation. Again, refer back to her pictures. Her chin and face do look different. Adrienne has never stated on the record whether or not she has had plastic surgery.Adrienne Maloof 7

Did she or didn’t she?

When all is said and done, people can lie, but pictures of them cannot lie. The pictures of Adrienne in her youth and pictures of her now tell a story that involves plastic surgery and Botox. Furthermore, she was actually married to a plastic surgery, so it is not totally unlikely that she has had some plastic surgery. After all, she would be receiving plastic surgery for free from someone that she trusts. What could be better than that? Nevertheless, Adrienne has never confirmed or denied the rumors, but the photos do tell an intriguing story that Adrienne cannot deny.

So, we are able to notice the Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery results made her look like she shifted her whole face, and that she’s now unrecognizable.

Plastic surgeons’ view on the star’s aesthetic operations

The Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery conjectures entail the American businesswoman used multiple facial cosmetic procedures as ways to improve her feature. Most of the plastic surgeons that have examined her picture declared the star reveals hints of numerous aesthetic operations, however they recognize the reality that she picked for a reaching a natural appearance. But although at this stage Adrienne’s face might seem fairly ordinary, the fact remains the fact that she’s lost her actual facial features. It will not matter that her plastic interventions aren’t really clear and that her plastic surgeon did a great job, because she ended up looking like she’s a distinct man.

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Adrienne Maloof ‘s clear plastic interventions

On the basis of the design as well as on how big the star’s nose, we may safely presume that she’d some work done on her nose. Also, she probably had more than one interventions judging in the pinched point that her nose has. Nevertheless, Adrienne shouldn’t be attributed for the man-made appearance that she’s, because she was married to Paul Nassif, who’s known as among the top plastic surgeons who are specialized in Rhinoplasty. So, he should have been more cautious together with his wife’s procedures.

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According to the Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery gossips, the businesswoman additionally had a chin implant so that you can get an ideal face contour. In addition, it appears that she wished to get a more feline appearance because she’d her eyes tightened and her eyebrows lifted. Yet, she looks quite pleased together with her facet, and that’s what matters the most.

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