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Did Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Is Lil’ Kim Hiding a Little Plastic Secret?

Plastic surgery rumors in the entertainment industry are as common as leaves on trees. After all, many people in the entertainment industry get plastic surgery for many reasons. Rumors have been going around for years about Lil’ Kim in regards to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery rumors about Lil’ Kim may seem a little odd because she is a rapper; the genre of rap is partly about authenticity. Nevertheless, many people believe that Lil’ Kim has gotten plastic surgery in order to enhance her face and upper body.

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Did Lil’ Kim really get plastic surgery?

If you compare pictures of her from went she first entered the entertainment industry and pictures of her now, there is clearly a difference in the way that she looks. Hair and makeup can go a long way, but there is only so much that hair and makeup can do. In Lil’ Kim’s case, plastic surgery may have played a role in her new look. When Lil’ Kim first hit the music scene her breasts were very modest; she was not known for being very busty. However, now her breasts are large and in charge. As a matter of fact, they look too large for her frame. They do not seem to fit properly on her chest.

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What other cosmetic procedures has she had done to herself?

In addition, her nose in pictures from the past looks very wide. However, in more recent pictures, her nose looks very thin and very pinched. It does not look natural at all; it looks a little like the nose that Michael Jackson had. As well, even the structure of her jaw looks different. When you compare her jaw structure in the past and her jaw structure in the present, you will see that her jaw has become more defined. How can she explain all of these changes in her appearance without attributing them to plastic surgery?

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Lil’ Kim: plastic or all-natural?

All in all, it is obvious that there is definitely something different about Lil’ Kim. Photos do not lie; she has most likely done something to her face besides apply a lot of makeup on it. After all, that is really the only way that she can explain the changes that have occurred on her body. As well, her features do not look natural anymore. However, only Lil’ Kim knows the entire story, and she is keeping quiet about it.

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