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Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery

Having a nice pair of breasts can take a woman far in life, especially in the entertainment industry. After all, the entertainment industry is very superficial, as well as society in general. Of course, all women are not born with an ample-sized chest. Therefore, many women get breast implants in order to give themselves what genetics did not give them. For women in the entertainment industry, getting breast implants is like making an investment into their career. One woman who may have made an “investment” is supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

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Gisele got a boob job?

Gisele obviously is a supermodel, so she has to look good. As well, she has to look good in the clothes that she models. After all, if she cannot fulfill those requirements then she will not have a career. However, Giselle has gone on the record and said that she will not have any plastic surgery. Several celebrities love to say things like that because they feel like it will endear them to their fans and the public. As well, it allows them to strongly deny the rumors. However, it may anger people because the fans and the public know when something does not look right.

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery5

Where is the proof?

Needless to say, because she is a supermodel and a sexy celebrity, there are many pictures of her to compare. There are photos of Gisele with small B-Cup sized breasts. There also are photos of Gisele with large C-Cup sized breasts. Gisele has not commented on the size difference that photos of her show. She does not really have much that she can say. What could she say to explain the difference besides cosmetic surgery? For whatever reason, many celebrities believe that people will not notice their surgical enhancements. Perhaps it is because they are delusional, or maybe it is because they are so full of themselves.

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Is Gisele a supermodel or a super liar?

All in all, pictures show a difference in the size of Gisele’s breasts. She says that she will not get any plastic surgery because she wants to grow old gracefully. That is her story, and she is sticking to it. Besides, she would not want people to know that she got breast implants because it will damage her image as a natural beauty. After all, a girl has to eat. However, the question is if Gisele is eating thanks to nature or surgery?


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