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How many plastic surgery gone wrong?

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong for Too Long

It goes without saying that plastic surgery is extremely popular in the entertainment industry, as well as in general. However, as great as plastic surgery can be, it also has a major downside. The surgery can sometimes become botched, and the person is stuck with the consequences. It is even worst if the person is a celebrity because celebrities are strongly judged by the way that they look. As well, when people see them, they see something negative instead of something positive.


Donatella Versace’s lips do not tell a pleasant story

Donatella got a lot of plastic surgery on her face, and it unfortunately shows. The most noticeable plastic surgery procedure that she has gotten is lip augmentation. Her lips are horribly misshapen, and they do not look proportional to her face at all. They distract and take away from her beauty. Believe it or not, she actually used to be a nice-looking woman at one point in time.

Latoya Jackson’s nose3

Bruce Jenner’s face is not keeping up with the times

Bruce Jenner is another celebrity who has invested in some substandard plastic surgery. His botched plastic surgery did not provide him with the youthful image he was hoping for. In fact, the botched surgery makes him look older and less attractive. Furthermore, his face has even been compared to a scarecrow. It is horrible that he has to look like that for the rest of his life, or until someone corrects the botched surgery.

Latoya Jackson3

Latoya Jackson’s nose is a survivor

Michael Jackson and his family are known for getting nose jobs; it sort of like a signature physical feature. Michael’s sister, Latoya, is no exception. Latoya has gotten her nose done many times; as a matter of fact, it looks very similar to her brother’s nose job. It also looks extremely pinched and militated. If she was going for the natural look, her surgeon missed the mark. Believe it or not, people actually pay money to look like this.


Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing

All things considered, plastic surgery is good when it is done well. However, when it is done badly, it is really bad. People should view these celebrities as cautionary tales of what can happen when plastic surgery is not done correctly. However, plastic surgery is not necessarily a bad thing; it does have a purpose. Nevertheless, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

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