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John Travolta Plastic Surgery

These days, it’s normal to find out in Hollywood stars who went through various plastic surgeries to alter their look. And not only girls have called for these attractiveness improvements, however there are also male celebs who endured some operations. John Travolta is among the guys who chose to let surgeons perform their magic on him. But, the outcomes of John Travolta plastic surgery are anything but wonderful, because the aspect of the performer is now worsened and abnormal.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery4John Travolta is among the very most well-known celebrities in Hollywood, having a blooming career and appearances in several films, where he consistently played parts of attractive guys. His figure is definitely a nice one, he was constantly respected by girls all around the globe and was viewed as a sex symbol in films like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever”.

Excessive Botox shots and facelifts

John Travolta Plastic Surgery2The John Travolta plastic surgery row began with various botox injections, fillers injected in the facial skin to fill the wrinkles and a facelift made to collect the sagging skin. The celebrity is a lover of Botox, as well as the excessive use has turned his face into a paralyzed one, without expressivity. His brow is unnaturally smooth, his cheeks seem stoned and his whole face looks made of wax. The 60-years old Travolta gets the skin of a thirty-year old guy without any deep lines or wrinkles, stress lines or laugh lines and his neck is taut and stretched.
Hair plant to conceal the balding areas

John Travolta Plastic Surgery1At the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta appeared with an impeccable body along with a head filled with hair, which spawned rumors in regards to a fresh John Travolta plastic surgery, or maybe more exactly, a hair implant. The celebrity was wearing a hair piece, or a net, that was quite evident on the sides of the head.

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