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Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s Nose

A nose job is a very common plastic surgery procedure, especially in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, many people receive nose jobs before they even enter Hollywood. In some ways, it is almost like a rite of passage. Some celebrities are very open and honest about the plastic surgery that they have received. On the other hand, some celebrities are very secretive about the plastic surgery that they have received. One of those secretive celebrities may be Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job1

Kim Kardashian got a nose job?

Kim Kardashian is a very popular celebrity who is photographed a lot. Many people have seen pictures of Kim in the past and in the present. When they look at the pictures, they notice that some thing is different. The way that Kim’s nose looks in photos in the past and the way her nose looks in photos in the present do not match. In present photos of Kim, her nose looks thin and refined. However, her nose in past photos looks more bulbous and less refined. Some people speculate that Kim got a nose job.

What does Kim have to say about the nose job rumors?

You already know that Kim has plenty of excuses to counter the nose job rumors. Kim says that she uses contouring makeup in order to give her nose a different look. Makeup is definitely a great excuse; after all, proper hair and makeup can make you look like almost anybody. As well, she said that there is a weight different between many of her before and after photos that news outlets use in order to prove that she got a nose job. Kim has stated that she is not against plastic surgery. However, Kim has also admitted to being insecure about her nose. Therefore, rumors about her getting a nose job are not totally out of the question.

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Did she or didn’t she?

All things considered, it is safe to say that there is something different about Kim’s nose. However, it is tough to say whether her new nose is a result of strategic makeup or plastic surgery. After all, she has got her story memorized very well. On the other hand, anything is possible, especially in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the media will be watching Kim as it usually does. Therefore, the truth will come out at one point or another. Until that time comes, Kim’s secret is still safe with her (and her people).

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