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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan’s Face Tells an Interesting Story

Lip augmentation and botox are very popular cosmetic procedures in the entertainment industry. As well, those procedures are also popular outside of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, celebrities often do not seem to get the procedures done correctly. For one reason or another, the procedures do not complement their face. As a result, they often look worse than if they had just leave well enough alone. Regrettably, one of those celebrities may be Meg Ryan.

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Who says that Meg got cosmetic procedures done?

Many gossip magazines have shown before and after photos of Meg in order to prove that she has gotten plastic surgery. If you compare pictures of Meg from when she first came on the Hollywood scene and picture of her now, you can see a major difference in the way her lips look. In past photos, her lips look thin and more proportional to her face. However, in later photos, her lips look significantly bigger and not as proportional to her facial structure. Some people believe that she got lip implants. After all, what else can explain the sudden change in the appearance of her lips?

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What other cosmetic procedures did she have done?

Meg is also accused of getting botox injections in order to get rid of her winkles. There are pictures from her the past that show Meg with skin that is more winkled. However, more recent pictures show Meg without many winkles. Is Meg a magician; how did she make her winkles disappear all of a sudden? After all, everyone knows that wrinkles do not just disappear by themselves. The only logical explanation is that she is using botox. After all, it would not be the first time that a celebrity has used botox to enhance his or her look. It is actually quite common among older celebrities.

The pictures tell an interesting story

All things considered, a picture is worth a thousand words. Meg probably does not like pictures so much because they tell a very detailed story about the possible evolution of her face. As a matter of face, she may want to avoid the camera lens, but that is going to be difficult because she is an actress. Nevertheless, by the looks of it, it seems as if Meg has invested in some plastic surgery. However, Meg has not confirmed or denied the rumors. Nevertheless, the public can probably draw its own conclusion.

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