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Nicole Coco Austin Butt Implants

The Mystery of Nicole “Coco” Austin’s Nice Big Butt

Having a nice big butt is all the rage in Hollywood right now. Many women receive a lot of attention just because they have nice big butts. It is also becoming a very popular cosmetic procedure. Women who do not have big butts by nature will pay a surgeon to provide them with butt implants. One celebrity who is famous for having a nice big butt is Nicole “Coco” Austin.

Nicole Coco Austin Butt ImplantsDid Coco get her butt by nature or from a surgeon?

Her nice big butt is her signature trait that she is known for. She does a lot of modeling for men’s magazines. Nevertheless, many people speculate that Coco has gotten butt implants. However, Coco completely denies the rumors. She attributes her nice big butt to doing squats and lunges, as well as great genes. However, many people do not believe her story. After all, exercising and genetics can only go so far. As well, her butt does not look proportional to her body frame like a butt should look. It is as if someone just added it to her body. Why would something that comes from genetics and exercising look out of place?


Why else do things not match up?

In addition, there are photos of her on the internet that show her with a very modest-sized behind. How does she explain that? Perhaps these photos were taken before she started her workout routine. However, genetics would still be with her no matter when the pictures were taken. Whatever the reason is, it does not make sense. When people believe that you have gotten plastic surgery then it is not good plastic surgery. It has to look as if it is naturally a part of the body. If surgery was the case then the surgeon screwed up.

Coco’s rear end is a mystery when it should be a fact.

When all and said done, Coco’s nice big butt has a story to tell. It did not just get onto her body by genetics and exercise alone. After all, if something is meant to be on your body then it usually does not look out of place. Of course, she insists that her butt is totally natural. However, the body does not lie. As well, there is evidence that says different. Nevertheless, she has been able to achieve some fame and notoriety because of her butt. Therefore, if she did acquire her butt outside of genetics and exercising then she has an investment that provides her with residual income.

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