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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Now Hollywood performers and pop music stars are not the only one’s who are always getting all kinds of rumors involving their plastic surgery. Serena and her sister Venus have become successful in professional tennis plus they both have many devotees world-wide.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery1Most of the gossips about potential Serena Williams plastic surgery began in 2010, when folks viewed her pictures in which she seemed rather distinct which, obviously, caused some suspicion. If we compare the pictures shot in 2010, we are able to see that Serena’s nose contour has transformed in quite short time. It is now considerably leaner and much more fragile.

Nevertheless, Serena Williams has denied all of the gossips about her potential plastic surgeries. Many people consider serena and it is said that those changes which we see in picture comparisons may have occurred for motives other than plastic surgery. For instance, the design of Serena’s nose could seem somewhat different due to the makeup she wore.

It’s also possible that Serena’s face seems different due to distinct lighting, view angle or her facial expression. One way or another, she definitely is not one of the plastic surgery hooked stars and she seems natural. Star world is filled with narratives about plastic surgeries that went wrong, yet this narrative certainly is not one of them.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery2

But, we still do not understand if it actually occurred or if it’s yet another gossip. One thing is clear — Serena Williams seems fantastic plus it does not seem that she’d need almost any plastic surgery to look that manner. For the time being, she seems as natural as it gets, however just the time will reveal if she’s going to decide to surgically change her looks when she is going to start to develop older.

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