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Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

Janet Jackson stepped out of the public light after wedding Wissam Al Mana in 2012. Still, she was surprised appearing quite distinct at a recent red carpet event. The star’s new appearance made everyone believe that she went under the knife to conceal her actual age, and get a younger appearance. In accordance with specialists, the artist looks to great for her age, as usually girls that have been in their late 40s reveal aging signals around their eyes, or on their brow. It’s a fact that high-priced skincare treatments may be used to avoid the look of wrinkles, but no one ca fight the natural means of aging. So it appears that a few of the latest Janet Jackson plastic surgery rumors may be true.

Janet1Facelift process

Janet12Within a style event that happened in Dubai a year ago, the vocalist shocked everyone with the unrecognizable face that appeared to be transformed by cosmetic surgery. Also, the more bouffant feature of her face could be viewed as among the signals which suggest that she was recuperating following a facelift process.

Specialists’ view

Janet13Based on plastic surgeons’ view, the vocalist’s seriously arched eyebrows also may be caused by a facelift, because during this type of process, the eyebrows are pulled outwards. When the skin is drawn too tight, it surely can make the patient appear to be an Asian, and all her facial features can look different following the surgery. But, the artist’s makeup artist, Preston Meneses declared that Janet did not endure any plastic interventions, as the only variable that led to her “modified” appearance was make-up.

Over time, Janet Jackson has surprised everyone with radical changes in her aspect. Specialists assert that Janet duplicated a number of her plastic interventions, and that’s the reason why she can keep up her good looks.

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