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Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Appearances are not everything, but in Hollywood, appearances are something. Thus, it’s not unusual to hear that the male star has succumbed to various cosmetic procedures, treatments, diets as well as plastic surgeries so that you can boost their appearance and keep a youthful persona. Simon Cowell is among many celebs that are considered to possess gone through various processes to eliminate the signals of time. But has Simon Cowell plastic surgery enhanced his appearance?

Simon-Cowell7Simon enjoys to take care of his face

Although Simon Cowell is definitely a good-looking guy having an actual success in girls, his appearance has improved recently. A proper diet, sport as well as a restricted lifestyle are a number of the suggestions which help Simon remain fit and appear great.

Addicted to Botox shots

Simon-Cowell8The celebrity said that he’s never gone under the knife, however he’s a genuine devotee of Botox shots, which he offers to his friends as presents. Simon Cowell considers these shots aren’t even just like plastic surgeries and presumes they’re benign for the facial skin. Yet, a lot of shots can severely affect the elasticity and freedom of the face muscles, like in case of other stars like John Travolta or Sylvester Stallone. This habit to Botox that Simon has keeps his supporters stressed because although now his face seems youthful and natural, we have no idea how he might appear in several years.

Indications of a facelift

Rumors stated they were indications of among the many Simon Cowell plastic surgery episodes that have been performed in secret. We often consider that this can be accurate because if Simon had a facelift, his face might have seemed more elongated and hardened, which isn’t the situation.

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