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Worst Breast Implants Ever!

Worst Breast Implants Ever!

Famous Botched Breast Implants

Breast implants are very popular among female celebrities, as well as females in general. Many female celebrities have gotten breast implants in order to look more beautiful and to increase their career opportunities. Unfortunately, when celebrities get plastic surgery, they often do not get the results that they want. Botched plastic surgery is nothing new, especially in the entertainment industry. Many female celebrities have had botched breast implants.

Which female celebrities have gotten botched breast implants?


Tori Spelling’s breast implants look as if there is a big hole in the middle of her chest. She seems to be proud of them since there are so many pictures of her that show her boobs. Nevertheless, the surgery was not performed properly. On the other hand, Pamela Anderson rose to fame largely based on the amount of cleavage that she has. Unfortunately, she did not leave well enough alone. Pam wanted to get bigger boobs, and now she looks like a woman with two balloons under her bra. Christina Aguilera is a thin woman who has opted for breast implants. Unfortunately, the breast implants were not done correctly. It seems as if the surgeon placed the implants over her ribs instead of her nipples.


Which other female celebrities have gotten botched breast implants?

Tara Ried accidentally revealed her botched breast implants while she was an event on the red carpet. Her nipples were pointing in opposite directions. Needless to say, it was not her best angle. On the other hand, Victoria Beckham’s breasts are very large for her body structure. They do not seem very proportional to the rest of her body. As well, they are extremely around, which makes them look like someone placed them on her body. After all, the best plastic surgery is plastic surgery that no one thinks is plastic surgery. In other words, it should not look as if you have had plastic surgery.

Are breast implants bad?


All things considered, breast implants can make a woman look better than ever. However, they can also make a woman look worst than ever. There are some common sense tips to follow when getting breast implants. When getting breast implants, make sure that you get a size that works for your body frame. As well, make sure that the surgeon has a lot experience in performing breast augmentation. You should use the previously mentioned women as examples of what not to do. After all, plastic surgery is supposed to make you look better.

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